NEW #ndpatterns in Tangent App.  Download the app HERE.

Pack 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the ORIGINAL pattern overlays.  All the images are meant to be used for mobile photography.

They can be overlayed in any layered blending composition app such as Image Blender, PhotoForge2, Photoshop Touch, or others.


  • Please tag each image #ndpatterns on Instagram.
  • These images are all copyrighted.
  • You cannot sell or distribute these as your own.  
  • Please only use these in your personal work and do not license them to any other individual or entity without my consent.


Photo Mar 04, 10 27 03 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 04, 10 27 33 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 04, 10 27 54 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 04, 10 28 14 PM.jpg