Sarah + Andy

I have to begin by saying just how much I enjoyed getting to know these two and what a pleasure it was witnessing them on their incredible day. I was honored to be able to travel to Evansville, Indiana to tell a piece of their love story...and guys, these two are the type of people that make everyone's lives around them better. 

Rewind about two and a half years and that's when I "met" Andy. At the time, we only knew each other through that popular social media platform, Instagram. When I saw on my news feed photos his proposal to Sarah, I knew I wanted to be involved. So, Instagram friends led me to documenting their love...this world is increasingly smaller due to the Internet and social media. I'm thankful for that, because it provided an avenue to meet these two and their amazing families. Thank you two for hosting me for the weekend and allowing me to be a part of your story. You rock!