Patchwork America - Preview

Below you will find a few sample photos of each of the 12 amazing people in my book. The reduced, pre-order price will only be available for a little longer--reserve your copy now! Also, awesome news, I recently received high-resolution proofs back from my local printer...only a short time before they're in your hands!!

A professional cellist, a teacher, and a surveyor of many forms of art, music, and anything creative.

A World-qualified triathlete and an inspiration to many.

A semi-retired farmer who's been blessed to work the land he's accumulated over the last 50 years.

Survived brain tumors and miraculously, upon the recovery process, became artistic.

A second-generation farmer who meshes old techniques and new technologies to yield the best possible harvest.

A charismatic husband, father, and grandfather with an extensive New York Yankee memorabilia collection.

A hard-working man who is currently restoring a 100 year-old barn that has been in his family for many generations.

An amazing woman and beyond talented quilter, she actually was part of the inspiration for the book's title.

A master craftsman who has been working with wood for many years. He was the start of the entire idea behind Patchwork America.

A loving soul who created and maintains her own greenhouses.

A simple woman who still rides and cares for her beloved horse.

A 95 year-old painter who has lost her sight. She has found solace in other forms of artistry.