Patchwork America

I recently submitted an idea for a book project I have to my film processing lab (Indie Film Lab) as part of a giveaway to help me tell my project's story. I unfortunately was not selected; however, I have an intense desire to complete this project. It'll be a lot of work and monetary investment, but as I've eluded to below, these sessions have changed me.
Below is my submitted essay outlining my project, I'd be honored if you'd give it a read!

Also, I have several other people lined up for subjects, but if you have someone in mind please contact me via email HERE!

Expect the photo book to be released around Fall of this year! You'll be able to pick it up right here on my site!

Patchwork America: Photo Essays of Everyday Americans
I want to create a book that is made up of around 12 photo essays on the older generation taking part in their chosen hobby, interest or artistry, whether it be wood-turning, quilting or enjoying a book and a cup of joe. Each one of their stories may be vastly different, but can be threaded together to tell a bigger story. 
My chosen subjects have wisdom and knowledge of a much simpler time in America and that's exactly what I'm attempting to tap into. It is what I want to highlight with this series of photo essays. 

As a member of the younger generation, I feel we have lost touch with many amazing notions and ways of life that the last generations contained. 

We've lost simple.

We've lost tangible.

We've lost timeless. 

My photo essays are a study not only of the character and their hobby but of a generation and culture that we have drifted so far away from. I wish to reconnect with myself and my own passion by slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures. 

In documenting these first few sessions of these interesting everyday characters, I've been touched and I have changed how I look at my photography and my art. 

The attached photos show an aged craftsman who has been working with wood since he was a young man. I have eight other similar people who have agreed to be my subjects, with varying talents. 

As I spend a significant amount of time conversing and interacting with them prior to shooting, I feel I get the necessary information to portray their unique story in an honest and unflinching way. 

My ultimate goal is to shoot all of these moments with medium format and 35mm film. Part of why I really want to shoot this project on film is because I want to respect the era in which these subjects have lived. As they hear the shutter click, the film advance, and watch as I change to the next roll I want them to feel incredibly nostalgic. I want them to feel connected to youth, to society, to the community. 

I desire for them to be comfortable and connect with what I create of them while they create their own art. 

I want to make this series into a book to contribute a tangible relic, stories and photography that can be picked up and enjoyed and cherished. I don't want these stories to be wasted, left on a Harddrive somewhere, forgotten. 

These people deserve to have their story told.  

See a few more from each of these sessions HERE.  I won't be sharing much of the future sessions or any of their stories, you'll just have to wait until Fall of this year and snag a photo book!