My Girls

I really don't have words for how truly blessed I am. God's provided so much in my life, but the three girls pictured below are beyond the most precious. 
My Bride - She has such passion and she loves like no one I've ever met. She can make anyone feel right at home with her gift of hospitality and, as I've said many times, I'm not quite sure how she does all the things she does in a day. She is superwoman and I wouldn't trade her for anything or anyone.
Ellie (my eldest) - She has such a sweet disposition. It's scary to me sometimes when I look at her because she look so much like her mother. I know that I'm her dad and I'm biased, but she's the definition of fun. She's a girly-girl who likes pink, princesses, ballerinas, tu-tus, kitty cats, and, did I mention, pink? My love for her is unfathomable and can't imagine life without her.
Emma (my youngest) - In her 4 months on this Earth, it's complete craziness how much of her personality has been woven into our family. Her laughter can be heard so often and her gummy grin will make you melt. I never quite understood how my love could reach beyond Ellie, but with Emma in my life, I'm not sure how I could even question it.

These are my girls and I love them.