Monday Night Shoot

I'm hoping this will be a common occurrence (it actually has already happened again! Look for those photos soon.)...
Three Monday's ago I met up with 7 other photographers from my area for a styled shoot with this maternity couple. 
Arranged by Tiffany, all of us were lucky enough to bounce ideas off of each other and enjoy meeting one other. As Jacqueline said, we came as strangers and left as friends. 
In an industry filled with so much competition since digital photography has become so popular, it might feel counter-intuitive to meet with these other photographers. I actually feel these other photographers will foster continued innovation in my own photography and find my creative niche hopefully others will appreciate. Our clients are very important to us and these meet ups should ultimately make the work we produce even better! Overall, it was a blast and here's the other's involved not listed above:
Amber, Tobias, Allie, Jaclyn, and Johanna